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How can I re-enable PerfectIt after Word disabled it?
How can I make PerfectIt checks run faster for my entire team?
How do I turn on Microsoft's Oxford (serial) comma checker?
I only see a few locations in PerfectIt. How do I make the box bigger?
How do I update PerfectIt Cloud
Can PerfectIt skip sections?
How can I set PerfectIt to check footnotes?
How do I turn on PerfectIt's legal checking?
In PerfectIt I noticed there are two versions of my style, one with (Old) next to it. What is the difference between these two versions?
How do I repair Microsoft Word?
What should I do if Quick Repair doesn't solve it?
Why does PerfectIt skip some of the numbers in my document?
Is there a way to back up all of my style sheets?
I synchronize my desktop and laptop. How can I include my PerfectIt style sheets?
Which exact version of PerfectIt for Word (Windows) am I running?
I tried installing, but I get the message "The advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe. Contact your administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic."
I don't see the PerfectIt icon in my ribbon, how can I load it?
How do I find out if PerfectIt for Word (Windows) is registered?
How do I review PerfectIt in the Microsoft Store?
If I deploy an update to our house style using the Style Manager, will it affect customized versions of the style that users may have created?
How do I set the default style in my organization?
How do I share my PerfectIt style with my organization?
Why is PerfectIt Cloud disabled?
How do I remove/uninstall PerfectIt Cloud?
How to register PerfectIt: Applying the license key
Is my Office 2016 / Office 2019 up to date?
How can I remove PerfectIt from my Ribbon in Word (Mac)?
Is there a way to make the selected text easier to see on a Mac?
PerfectIt Cloud has disappeared from Word. How do I get it back?
How do I update to the latest version of MS Word?
How do I enforce Oxford spelling with PerfectIt?
PerfectIt Cloud is running very slowly or crashing
[PerfectIt Access] Update PerfectIt and Re-enable Automatic Office Update

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