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PerfectIt checks if a word appears in more than one international spelling variation.

For instance, it will suggest there may be a possible issue if a word is spelled in both the US and UK forms.


PerfectIt will find an issue if ‘colour’ and ‘color’ appear in the same document.


Unless there is a direct quotation, words should not be spelled in two ways.


Unless these words are specifically added to a custom check, PerfectIt won’t look for inconsistency between:

  • check (US) and cheque (UK)

  • tire (US) and tyre (UK)

  • license (US) and licence (UK)

  • curb (US) and kerb (UK)

  • story (US) and storey (UK)

  • practice (US) and practise (UK)

  • program (US) and programme (UK)

  • math (US) and maths (UK)

  • analyzes (US) and analyses (UK)

These should be checked manually.

Customizing the Check

Preferences for ‘ise’ / ‘ize’ and ‘yse’ / ‘yze’ endings can be set in the Settings tab.

You can set preferences for spelling variations in the Always Find and Never Find tabs of the style sheet editor or customize the check as you work. However, for most spellings, it is better to customize the Preferred Spelling check.