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PerfectIt checks if a word appears with and without foreign characters.


PerfectIt will suggest there could be an issue if ‘cafe’ appears in the same document as ‘café’.

Many Variations of the Same Word

Some words that have more than one accent may appear in multiple forms.

For example, the word ‘Tłįchǫ’ could appear as ‘Tlįchǫ’ (one character altered) and ‘Tlicho’ (multiple characters altered).

In this case, PerfectIt will display the two locations with foreign characters first.

If both options have foreign characters included, it’s worth correcting that, then repeating this check in PerfectIt to see if there are any variations without any foreign characters.

Customizing the Check

You can set preferences for accents in the Always Find and Never Find tabs of the style sheet editor or you can customize the check as you work.